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apron & fenders
bottom of battery case
B-post L
B-post R
casing and millboard L 2
casing and millboard L 3
casing and millboard L
casing and millboard R 2
casing and millboard R
center of trunk
detail 1
detail 2
driver side firewall 2
driver side firewall
front apron inside 3
front apron inside 4
front apron inside
front apron
front fender L inside 2
front fender L inside
front fender L
front fender R inside 2
front fender R inside
front fender R
gas tank real mount R
gas tank rear mount L
gas tank removed 2
gas tank removed
instrument panel 1
instrument panel 2
instrument panel 3
instrument panel 4
instrument panel detail 1
instrument panel detail 2
passenger side firewall
pedal shaft cover assembly
rear capping 1
rear capping 2
rear fender nuts L 1
rear fender nuts L 2
rear fender nuts L 3
rear fender nuts L 4
rear fender nuts R 1
rear fender nuts R 2
rear fender nuts R 3
rear fender nuts R 4
saddle panel L
saddle panel R
steering wheel bracket 1
steering wheel bracket 2
vent control knob 2
vent control knob
view of missing instrument panel

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